About this online resource

East Midlands Airport is a great place to work. The airport and surrounding site are expanding, providing exciting new jobs for the local community.

East Midlands Airport is serious about attracting local people and supporting them as they make their way up the career ladder. We are committed to equal opportunities and want to give local young people the best chance to succeed.

This online resource provides an overview of type of jobs and careers available with East Midlands Airport and its partner companies on site and nearby.

This resource is divided into two sections

Each section has an overview video to introduce the topic.

Use the overview videos for insights into:

  • What it is like to work at East Midlands Airport, in customer service or operations
  • What employers are looking for
  • The inside track on top tips for success in the jobs market.

There are activities designed to help prepare students for their first job and to navigate the recruitment process. You can download these below.


A great place to work resource booklet

A Great Place to Work booklet (PDF) with classroom activities.

Job cards booklet

Discover the skills and qualifications you need for various airport jobs.

Get that job booklet

Get That Job booklet (PDF) with classroom activities.