Working in Freight and Logistics

East Midlands Airport handles more cargo aircraft than any other UK airport. The airport is part of the UK’s logistics ‘golden triangle’, a transport hub bordered by the M1, M42 and M6 motorways. 80% of the population are within a four-hour drive time of this area.

Why consider a job in Freight and Logistics?

Conan Busby, Aviation Manager at East Midlands Airport explains the role of logistics and cargo at the airport. He explains why young people should consider a job in logistics and cargo and what the career routes into the industry are. East Midlands Airport has big plans to expand its cargo services and Conan describes these plans and what’s driving them.

Working for UPS at East Midlands Airport

Dominic talks about his career progression through UPS from Loader to HR Specialist and highlights the job opportunities available to young people at UPS.

Working for DHL

Laura works for DHL, a cargo operation based at East Midlands Airport who transport freight around the globe. Laura outlines the types of roles that are available working for DHL at the airport and talks about her career progression.

Learning about Logistics in Leicestershire

A pupil at South Charnwood High School explains logistics and the sort of jobs available in the industry. She looks at how Leicestershire has become the hub for the UK’s logistics industry, with many big businesses using the region as their distribution hub. It’s an exciting time to work in logistics and there are lots of job opportunities for young people.


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