An Overview of East Midlands Airport

Working at East Midlands Airport

A closer look at jobs at East Midlands Airport

This short video describes customer services at East Midlands Airport and outlines the wide variety of jobs available, some with direct customer contact, such as retail assistants and cleaners and some behind the scenes, such as fire fighters and air traffic control.

Working for East Midlands Airport

What’s it like to work for East Midlands Airport and what sort of jobs are available? The jobs covered are: Commercial Director, Security Duty Manager, Passenger Services Manager, Air Traffic Controller, Customer Service Resource, Administrator and Customer Service Assistant.

Working for East Midlands Airport's Partners

East Midlands Airport work with a variety of partners such as airlines, retailers and distribution companies. In this video, people working for EMA Partners describe their jobs.

Jobs at East Midlands Airport


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Discover the skills and qualifications you need for various airport jobs.

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